The Devastating Loss of Graphicly

GraphiclyBack in May, the digital distributor Graphicly announced they were shutting down. They had been around for four years and in that time were heavily used as a means of self-publishing–especially for the comics community, hosting thousands of digital comic books on their website. To make matters worse, not only was the main site to be taken down after months of losing money hand over fist, but anyone who used Graphicly’s services to make their publications available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play, were going to have their books pulled from every digital storefront.

In a solemn email, Graphicly gave one month’s notice to thousands of creators to log in and download all of their work they had put up. Once that month was up, everything was gone and replaced with a goodbye note.

Unfortunately, we used Graphicly for all of our online distribution. Now, we don’t have a single comic book in the digital marketplace, and when everyone says print is dead, your online presence is basically all you have.


At the moment, we’re trying to regroup and get ourselves back online, rising from the ashes like Jean Grey has so many times before us. So bear with us and stay tuned. We’re plugging away and we’ll be back online shortly.

‘Til then: please read the first issue of Afterman for FREE right here.




Old College Comics Store

We got a store!

… Online. Head over to our shop to order print copies of our comic anthology The Freshmen Fifteen and the first issue of our superhero comic Afterman. And if you’re looking to cover up some wall space, check out the art prints up for sale. We’ve got a page of art from Afterman illustrated by Jeff Chang and designed by Anne Lee, along with the cover art for The Freshmen Fifteen illustrated by Andrew Wilson and designed by Brian Dunning. They’re straight up COOL.

If you’re just looking to read digital copies on your digital device, you can always purchase our comics using digital money at

But guess what else? The Freshmen Fifteen is up on Amazon and iBookstore too!



Mike Pallotta is one-half of the writing team on Afterman, the writer of “Dummies,” and the Editor-in-Chief of Old College Comics.

Check us out on Bleeding Cool & LB Post!

Yesterday, Christmas day, we received a lovely, lovely gift. Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool published an article I wrote about what we’ve been up to with Old College Comics. We’ve been fans of Johnston’s writing and Bleeding Cool for years, and they even published an article Eric Bryan wrote for our blog not too long ago about the end of ‘Hellblazer.’ So we have a couple of reasons to thank them this year.

Read ‘The Old College Spirit.’
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Right on the Bottle: How We Went About Creating our Comic Afterman

The first page of Afterman

When I got to be 14-ish, where hygiene became a priority, I would take fistfuls of shampoo and scrub my scalp. I’d do that in the shower for minutes on end. Whole days were spent with the driest, frizziest hair of anyone in high school. Idiot. It was the same logic used by sitcom dads putting too much detergent in a washer—I thought more would make my scalp cleaner, longer. Instead, I was Eraserhead: The Teen Years.

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The Secret Origin of Old College Comics

Six months ago, my good friend Mike Pallotta had an idea. The majority of our old college buddies were creatively inclined, and had chosen majors in college that fell pretty much in line with those inclinations, but we found ourselves floundering after graduation. Liberal Arts degrees, no matter how versatile universities claim they are, essentially tell potential employers that you’d make a great administrative assistant. All of a sudden, my creative writing degree was looking more and more like a terrible decision. But what if we could take those skills most of us weren’t using, and put them towards something productive, something that we could be proud of? He knew writers. He knew artists. He loved comics. To him, it seemed like a natural fit.

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