Written & Illustrated by Katy Parker


Baroque, vaudevillian, and soul-encompassing, this two-part creation will leave you as wide-eyed and captivated as the owner of a vomiting cat, scrambling to clear shoes, clothes, and blankets out of the way before certain destructive explosion damns it all.

First, the chilling saga of a teenager’s summer job at a veterinary hospital, mopping up pee and delivering extracted testicles to the appropriate receptacle. Yes. Testicles. Hold on to yours as our hero realizes the wrong cat has been placed upon the neutering table. Will she find the courage to save the day?

Then, discover a lucid nightmare about the horrors of being a person with an okay life. A bunch of regular things happen, and they all add up and weigh down on you, and it can all get pretty annoying sometimes, if we’re being honest here, okay? But then…is it even real? Find out.

Presented entirely in black & white, “Katzenkotze” is one of the comics in our debut anthology, The Freshmen Fifteen–available to order through our store or for digital download via Graphicly, Amazon Kindle, or iBookstore!