Green Lantern’s Guiding Light, Volume 7: “The Bold & The Blue-tiful”

Last week, we talked about Orange, and how thoroughly that concept worked. I mean, it exceeded all expectations. It was visually interesting, logical, and it had something to say. A wonderful example of the space opera reaching its full potential. But operas, as well as prolonged blog critiques of operas, need drama. They need an obstacle. And there’s no greater obstacle than the Blue Lantern Corps.

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Four Fans & a Baby: 9/26

Once upon a kitchen table, three men huddled around reading comics. Elsewhere, another man with a small child in one arm and a comic book in the other struggled to read over the sobs of his neglected offspring. While these four men and a baby may not seem it, they were all connected by an overburdening of feelings to shout out at a world that would only turn its back on them. They decided they would all read that week’s new comics (except for the baby). They would all form opinions (except for the baby). And then they would post those opinions and discuss! This is the story of Reading Force 4+Baby!

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Green Lantern’s Guiding Light, Volume 5: “The Yellow & The Restless”

I don’t know about you guys, but after last week I’m sick of talking about Green Lanterns. So let’s talk about Yellow Lanterns… and a little bit about Green Lanterns. First thing, they’re never called the Yellow Lanterns (except in articles like this one). They’re the Sinestro Corps, or the Mongul Corps, or just Whoever’s-in-charge’s Corps. Usually Sinestro, though. Right now there’s just one yellow corpsmember, Arkillo, their New Guardian representative and obvious foil for the Green Lantern Kilowog. But if you actually believe they won’t suddenly and half-explicably sprout a whole new army before the year’s done, I have some beachfront property in Kansas you might be interested in. Continue reading

Green Lantern’s Guiding Light, Vol 4: “Oa Needs Women”

Once again, only after publishing my last column did I realize that I totally missed the plot of it. But since that column was way too long as it is, I decided to address the issue in a new one. So here’s the thing: The introduction of gay and ethnic characters is admirable, but empty. Ultimately, they’re telling the same story. The gay character loses his lover, and the Lebanese character wears a full head-covering mask (Space-burqa?). In both cases, the thing that makes them different (gay lover, dark skin) from the heteronormative white male hero has been obscured. So the impact of these ventures is deadened. Continue reading

Green Lantern’s Guiding Light, Volume 3: “All My Corpsmen”

So, the news on Green Lantern lately (at least, the news that makes its way outside the cloisters of the baptized comic fandom) has been all about the sudden diversity it has taken on in the way of a new Lebanese-American Lantern and a newly-Gay Lantern. So I thought it might be prudent to do a little intro work, lest all these masked men blur into one giant ball of green confusion.

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Green Lantern’s Guiding Light, Volume 2: “9021-Oa”

Alright, it’s been a week since you’ve heard from me, and that means it’s time for a reboot. And this reboot is the best kind of reboot, because it’s all backstory. So fire up your androids and kiss Uncle Ben goodbye for the last time again, because here we go.

A long time ago, there were big blue aliens who were very smart but also total assholes. Continue reading