The Devastating Loss of Graphicly

GraphiclyBack in May, the digital distributor Graphicly announced they were shutting down. They had been around for four years and in that time were heavily used as a means of self-publishing–especially for the comics community, hosting thousands of digital comic books on their website. To make matters worse, not only was the main site to be taken down after months of losing money hand over fist, but anyone who used Graphicly’s services to make their publications available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play, were going to have their books pulled from every digital storefront.

In a solemn email, Graphicly gave one month’s notice to thousands of creators to log in and download all of their work they had put up. Once that month was up, everything was gone and replaced with a goodbye note.

Unfortunately, we used Graphicly for all of our online distribution. Now, we don’t have a single comic book in the digital marketplace, and when everyone says print is dead, your online presence is basically all you have.


At the moment, we’re trying to regroup and get ourselves back online, rising from the ashes like Jean Grey has so many times before us. So bear with us and stay tuned. We’re plugging away and we’ll be back online shortly.

‘Til then: please read the first issue of Afterman for FREE right here.




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We got a store!

… Online. Head over to our shop to order print copies of our comic anthology The Freshmen Fifteen and the first issue of our superhero comic Afterman. And if you’re looking to cover up some wall space, check out the art prints up for sale. We’ve got a page of art from Afterman illustrated by Jeff Chang and designed by Anne Lee, along with the cover art for The Freshmen Fifteen illustrated by Andrew Wilson and designed by Brian Dunning. They’re straight up COOL.

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But guess what else? The Freshmen Fifteen is up on Amazon and iBookstore too!



Mike Pallotta is one-half of the writing team on Afterman, the writer of “Dummies,” and the Editor-in-Chief of Old College Comics.

Old College Songs: “Timeosaurs”

One of the perks offered during our Indiegogo campaign was to have an original song written and performed by Andy Kneis. We’ve already posted three songs by Andy, now here’s the fourth and final one: Timeosaurs! The astonishing tale of time traveling dinos! Featuring myself as a meteor, Joe Bryant as the lead dino, Andy as the narrator, and an amazing performance by Katy Parker as a pig–the song is exactly as the tag line above says: “bodaciously cretaceous!”

Seriously, Katy needs to drop more flows over Andy’s fat beats and break into that rap game.

Give it a listen here!

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Old College Songs: “Eric Techno”

One of the perks offered during our Indiegogo campaign was to have an original song written and performed by Andy Kneis. You might have seen this a while ago on our Facebook, but turns out we completely forgot to post it here on the blog. And a track doesn’t drop until it’s on the blog.

Created for supporter Eric Stolze, “Eric Techno” is a song about a computer in love with a human man. A man named Eric Stolze. If you ever meet Eric Stolze in the flesh you’ll understand why any human or machine would instantly fall in love and repeat his name in a blog post. So it’s a VERY personal song, and maybe by the time it’s over you’ll have learned something about the difference between techno and trance. 01001001 0100000 01101100 01110101 01110110 0100000 01110101 0100000 01000101 01110010 01101001 01100011

Give it a listen here!

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Check us out on Bleeding Cool & LB Post!

Yesterday, Christmas day, we received a lovely, lovely gift. Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool published an article I wrote about what we’ve been up to with Old College Comics. We’ve been fans of Johnston’s writing and Bleeding Cool for years, and they even published an article Eric Bryan wrote for our blog not too long ago about the end of ‘Hellblazer.’ So we have a couple of reasons to thank them this year.

Read ‘The Old College Spirit.’
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Old College Classical

One of the perks offered during our Indiegogo campaign was to have an original song written and performed by Andy Kneis. When we asked Indiegogo donators Clare and Tom which style of music they’d like for their song, they said classical. Andy quickly licked his quill and began scrolling away for hours. This is what he gave me. I shouted and screamed, “Andy! This has no words! It is not a song if it is not sung! Go! Rewrite!” Andy slapped me and said, “I can’t rewrite what’s perfect!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Thanks for the support, Clare and Tom! Enjoy!

Click here to listen to the masterpiece!

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Old College Songs: “Talking Dog”

One of the perks offered during our Indiegogo campaign was to have an original song written and performed by Andy Kneis. Inspired by his grandpa’s only joke, Andy’s one instruction was to make the song funny and that the person who donated is a fan of pop-punk. The result of this is “Talking Dog”–a song that’s best paired with a light sesh of Tony Hawk 3 and any film in the Air Bud series.

Give it a listen here!

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Four Fans & a Baby: 9/26

Once upon a kitchen table, three men huddled around reading comics. Elsewhere, another man with a small child in one arm and a comic book in the other struggled to read over the sobs of his neglected offspring. While these four men and a baby may not seem it, they were all connected by an overburdening of feelings to shout out at a world that would only turn its back on them. They decided they would all read that week’s new comics (except for the baby). They would all form opinions (except for the baby). And then they would post those opinions and discuss! This is the story of Reading Force 4+Baby!

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