OCC Presents Inside OutIn early 2012, a group of friends got tired of their post-college slump and decided to apply their creative juices to something they all love dearly: comic books. And lo, Old College Comics was born (were born?). On Halloween of that year, just in time for the Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention, they released their first two books: a superhero comic titled Afterman, and an anthology, The Freshmen Fifteen.

Since then, the fine folks at OCC have continued putting out new work like Gutter, a free webcomic about crime in LA and how far one man will go to make things right; and Triptych, a one-shot story of a priest who pushes back everything Heaven and Hell has to throw at us. They’ve also published their second anthology, Old College Comics Presents, which has just as wild and varied genre stories as the first.



THE DEBUT ANTHOLOGYfreshmenfifteen-print
The Freshmen Fifteen showcases 15 comics by 24 writers and artists. That’s The Freshmen Fifteen, not The FreshMAN Fifteen. Because, for the most part, this is their freshman effort at making comics. So they’re the freshmen, and this is their fifteen–printed together in black-and-white comprising a 130+ page comic anthology. It’s a world of bastard genies and idiot dads, junkies and junklords, and at least one yonic bird-monster. So come along on their maiden voyage before they all grow jaded and start suing each other.

The Freshmen Fifteen is available to order through our store.






Nine stories spanning all types of genres to bring you an anthology of graphic proportions. Sure, the comics are in black and white, but they’re pretty! Old College Comics Presents features vikings, ghosts, gods, war, aliens, mythical creatures, a superpowered Amish boy, three kids trapped inside a whale, and I think just one more by my count!

To see more of the art inside the book, click here.

Old College Comics Presents is available to order through our store.







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