Wednesday(ish) Comics: Gutter #17

Better late than never. Right? Right?

In this case I can wholeheartedly stand behind that idea, because even though life got in the way of our deadline, the work here is superb. We’re in the last run of Gutter here, and I tried to really step up the voice of Wright, as it’ll be the last time we hear it. Likewise, Andrew really upped his game too, and seeing panel 2, that close up of Wright’s face, was a great way to start my Friday.

We’ve got some big news too coming for future work, including The Way Station and the Long Beach Comic Expo, so keep an extra look out for the chapters to come.


P.S. On an unrelated note, if you’re at all interested in heavy metal, Overkill’s playing the HOB Sunset tomorrow. You should go. Overkill is not a band to be missed.

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Gutter is written by Eric Bryan and drawn by Andrew Wilson. Eric is the author of “Population 1” and “Rocket Arms.” Andrew is an Art Director for Old College Comics and the illustrator of “Ragnar.”