Wednesday Comics: Gutter #19

One to go.

Andrew took the general idea, being coldness, and really ran with it. While the concept of Gutter altered slightly as it came out, the general notion undramatic, uncharismatic, brutality maintained, and is presented finely in this page. Especially panel 3. I ended up falling in love with how Wright looked by the end.

Speaking of the end, that’ll be next week! But it is not the total end for Gutter, as, and this is finally okay to tell you all, OCC will be doing a limited printing of Gutter in physical format, debuting at the Long Beach Comic Expo this May! It will be very limited, as we want Gutter to be a special thing for the Expo, so come on down.

Also! So Cal readers are welcomed and encouraged to come down this Saturday to Comics Unlimited at 16344 Beach Blvd. in Westminster, where the Old College guys and gals will be signing, sketching, and smooching (in that order) at their Small Press Day.

I’ll be there, I believe Andrew will be, and we’ll be more than happy to talk Gutter, slap hands, and kiss deeply, so come on down and say hello!

Until next we meet,


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Gutter is written by Eric Bryan and drawn by Andrew Wilson. Eric is the author of “Population 1” and “Rocket Arms.” Andrew is an Art Director for Old College Comics and the illustrator of “Ragnar.”