Wednesday Comics: Gutter #18

Generally, when Andrew is doing his pages, our emails back and forth are pretty sparse, in the vein of “here you go,” and so on. However, this time, I got my favorite piece of criticism that I’ve received thus far in my life.

I originally had the last panel, of Wright and Azarov and on the beach, scripted as them looking at the ocean as the sun rises. In the email with the panels, Andrew wrote:

“I don’t think it’s possible to watch the sunrise over the ocean in Santa Monica being the west coast and all. So I drew them looking at the ocean with no sun.”

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at something I fucked up.

Anyway. Great work from Andrew as always, and a great indicator of what’s to come.

Two more pages until we’re done!


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Gutter is written by Eric Bryan and drawn by Andrew Wilson. Eric is the author of “Population 1” and “Rocket Arms.” Andrew is an Art Director for Old College Comics and the illustrator of “Ragnar.”