Wednesday Comics: Gutter #20 FINAL EPISODE

So here we are.

The concept was largely very simple, the idea that if the gutter of the comic was were all the movement happened, it’d be an interesting experiment to see if we could do a vignette oriented comic set over a night, and make the entire week between updates the “gutter.” I think we got that.

What I see when I look back over these pages is the exercise of two people getting to know eachother as people and co-workers, and growing exponentially in doing so. Andrew and I didn’t know eachother all that well at the start, but at this point, I feel I know how to best write a page that works for the both of us, and from my standpoint, Andrew definitely has learned how to hone in on where to adhere really directly to script and where to push it into ideas I never would have written.

The final product is rough. It’s dirty and it’s bloody and there isn’t a single hero to be found. Anti- or otherwise. And so we’re left with scenes from a nightmare, lived for a night in the grime of LA.

I’m proud to give you the last pages of Gutter.

And so! What’s next?

Firstly, as mentioned previously, Andrew and I are working on a printed sci-fi comic called The Waystation, which, along with the print copies of Gutter, will be debuting at the Long Beach Comic Expo, on May 11th. We may also do some release thing before then, so add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (@ClericBryan) for more details.

As for the OCC blog, in the next month or so (we’ll have a more exact date soon), Erin Hickey, author of and artist on “Lonely” from the Freshmen Fifteen, and I will be collaborating on “Madam B,” a superhero comic of ethic proportions. Check back for updates and news on that soon.

With that, I’m going to actually go do my job. Thank you everyone for reading, and I’ll see you for the next one.


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Gutter is written by Eric Bryan and drawn by Andrew Wilson. Eric is the author of “Population 1” and “Rocket Arms.” Andrew is an Art Director for Old College Comics and the illustrator of “Ragnar.”