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We got a store!

… Online. Head over to our shop to order print copies of our comic anthology The Freshmen Fifteen and the first issue of our superhero comic Afterman. And if you’re looking to cover up some wall space, check out the art prints up for sale. We’ve got a page of art from Afterman illustrated by Jeff Chang and designed by Anne Lee, along with the cover art for The Freshmen Fifteen illustrated by Andrew Wilson and designed by Brian Dunning. They’re straight up COOL.

If you’re just looking to read digital copies on your digital device, you can always purchase our comics using digital money at Graphicly.com.

But guess what else? The Freshmen Fifteen is up on Amazon and iBookstore too!



Mike Pallotta is one-half of the writing team on Afterman, the writer of “Dummies,” and the Editor-in-Chief of Old College Comics.

Sexy Superheroes #4: RAWR-schach

Bet you never guessed this hard-boiled dame had a tramp-stamp under that coat! She may not have the best people skills, but she sure is a cheap date. Can of beans and a spoon, and you’ve made dinner! I’m sure she’ll come up with a way to thank you.

“Oops! I seem to have misplaced my trench coat!”

Erin Hickey is the writer/artist of the autobiographical comic “Lonely,” featured in The Freshmen Fifteen and available to read on Graphicly.

Old College Songs: “Timeosaurs”

One of the perks offered during our Indiegogo campaign was to have an original song written and performed by Andy Kneis. We’ve already posted three songs by Andy, now here’s the fourth and final one: Timeosaurs! The astonishing tale of time traveling dinos! Featuring myself as a meteor, Joe Bryant as the lead dino, Andy as the narrator, and an amazing performance by Katy Parker as a pig–the song is exactly as the tag line above says: “bodaciously cretaceous!”

Seriously, Katy needs to drop more flows over Andy’s fat beats and break into that rap game.

Give it a listen here!

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