Ragnar: The Comic in Which Vikings Do Great Violence

It’s an embarrassing reality that Ragnar is a character that I’ve been writing since eighth grade. I’ve done a few things since then and picked up a few (incompleted) projects along the way, but the ol’ nord has stuck with me for whatever reason. I guess it’s because I think I can mine something worthwhile out of a sword and sandals character like this one.

Over the years that I have intermittently worked on the character and the world, he’s changed quite a bit and at the same time he’s stayed the same. What went away was a lot of the crap you would expect a frustrated 13-year-old to come up with and what remains is all of the good stuff, namely: Vikings and sword fights and untold horror (what else would you need?).

The short story that artist Andrew Wilson and I are working on is just about the perfect project we could have come up with. It’s short, it’s full of violence, it has men with axes, and it hints at a much bigger world–a world we’ll show off in the future. As it stands Wilson has made sure that this is the best introduction to the character possible (this man can draw).

Thanks to Andrew Wilson this will-o-the-wisp is something real and something worthwhile. That is amazing to see. It is thought made into reality. That is pretty cool to me, a drunk jerk born under the mountains, and I hope you like what you see, because we have a lot more planned after it. Lots more. Tons and lots more!

(Some of it might even end up being good!)

Also, acknowledging that we live in the age of tumblr and a societal distaste for naming sources I will say that this comic’s premise owes a huge debt to Cornel Wilde’s The Naked Prey (which then owes a debt to the experiences of John Colter). I guess Eastern Promises is somewhere in the mix there, as well. There is just something intriguing in the idea of someone naked fighting a horde of the clothed.

You tell me that isn’t rad!

I hope you like this. I hope I can make things weird for you. I hope I can show you the rest of Ragnar’s world. Maybe that’s just hubris talking. And the booze.

“Ragnar” is written by James Kislingbury and drawn by Andrew Wilson. Look for it in our anthology, The Freshmen Fifteen–available here on our site this Halloween or pick it up right from us at the Long Beach Horror & Comic Con November 3rd & 4th!