Witness the Hangout of the 20th Century

Moebius, Joe Kubert, and Neil Adams in New York, 1972.

As fans and professionals alike mourn the loss of Joe Kubert, I made it my personal mission today to read dozens of obituaries and bum myself out. Instead, I was filled with awe by Kubert’s massive body of work, his impact on the industry, and how he made the amazing look so effortless.

Then I stumbled across something truly astounding on Comics Alliance: footage of Kubert, Neal Adams and Jean Giraud (AKA Moebius) all working together on the same canvas.

Three of comics greatest artists in the same room in 1972–when they were all, arguably, at the top of their collective game–hanging out and drawing. I get giddy just thinking about it. That this studio didn’t collapse into time itself from the sheer mass of so much concentrated talent is a goddamn miracle.

I found the above photo of the Tac au Tac studio session on Quenched Consciousness, a blog devoted to Moebius’ body of work. In honor of Kubert’s passing, they posted a slew of scans from Tor that you should check out.

Can’t stress this enough: we just lost a genius of the medium whose legacy continues through his children and students.

Joe Kubert

Rest in peace, Joe.

Joe Bryant is the author of Afterman and “No Way Out”.