Green Lantern’s Guiding Light, Volume 2: “9021-Oa”

Alright, it’s been a week since you’ve heard from me, and that means it’s time for a reboot. And this reboot is the best kind of reboot, because it’s all backstory. So fire up your androids and kiss Uncle Ben goodbye for the last time again, because here we go.

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The Secret Origin of Old College Comics

Six months ago, my good friend Mike Pallotta had an idea. The majority of our old college buddies were creatively inclined, and had chosen majors in college that fell pretty much in line with those inclinations, but we found ourselves floundering after graduation. Liberal Arts degrees, no matter how versatile universities claim they are, essentially tell potential employers that you’d make a great administrative assistant. All of a sudden, my creative writing degree was looking more and more like a terrible decision. But what if we could take those skills most of us weren’t using, and put them towards something productive, something that we could be proud of? He knew writers. He knew artists. He loved comics. To him, it seemed like a natural fit.

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